Rusk County Recycling Site 1

Hawkins Recycling Program


Paper Products

Business Envelopes (window type OK)

Manila & Kraft Envelopes/File Folders

Brown paper bags

Corrugated Cardboard (flattened)

Paperboard boxes (no refrigerator or freezer items)

Pop and Beer cartons

Empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls

Computer / Copy / Fax / Typing Paper

Ledger / Scratch Paper / Sticky Notes

Magazines / Junk Mail / Greeting cards

Milk, Juice, Soup and Broth cartons

Newspaper / Inserts / Catalogs / Brochures

Paperback books

Shredded paper in closed paper bags

Telephone Books (don’t have to remove cover)




Glass Bottles & Jars

Plastic Bottles & Jars (any # 1–7)

Plastic Containers, Tubs & Lids (any # 1-7)

Plastic Souvenir Cups

Plastic Hanging/Potted Plant Containers (any # 1-7)

Aerosol Steel Cans (MUST BE EMPTY – no caps)

Clean Aluminum Foil & Pie Tins (crushed)

Aluminum cans



The Hawkins Recycling Program is a dual sort system


Paper and cardboard should be placed in a box or paper bag


Glass and plastic should be placed in your recycle bin


We accept nothing in plastic bags








We Do Not Except

Syringes & Needles

Carpeting / Clothing

Crimped plastic tubes (creams & lotions)


Hazardous or Bio-hazardous Waste

Crystal Type Materials or Beverage Glasses

Disposable Diapers

Egg Cartons & Beverage carriers

Foil juice pouches

Light Bulbs / Plates / Vases

Metal or Steel Objects such as nails, wire, hangers or case strapping

Motor Oil Containers & Filters

Packaging material (peanuts, air pouches)

Paper Towels / Napkins / Tissue

Photography or Photographic Paper

Pizza Boxes or other food tainted items

Plastic bags

Plastic Cups (Solo©) and Silverware

Thin Plastic Materials (wrap, strapping)

Polystyrene Containers (PS #6)

Prescription bottles

Pyrex© and other heat-resistant ovenware

Rubber Type Materials/Latex

Stickers or sheets of address labels (affixed address labels and stamps okay)

Styrofoam Products

Tyvek envelopes

Wax Paper or Waxed cardboard

Wrapping paper